DEX Swap

Any Token, Any DEX, One Swap UI

  • 💰 Any Swap: Unified Trading Protocol intelligently scans different Liquidity Pools to swap any token at the best rates.

  • 🌐 Cross Chain Swap: Convert tokens from Any Network to Any Network seamlessly.

  • 🚀 Faster Swaps: Unleash accelerated swaps using the preset gas fee modes.

  • 📗 Swap History: Keep track of all your swaps on different networks in one screen.

  • 🚨 Risk Alert: Trade with Confidence! Built-in intelligent scanner automatically notify warning for the high risk tokens.

  • 🛡️ Flashbot Shield: MEV Blocker and Auto Slippage protects your swaps from Front-Running and Sandwich bot attacks.

  • ✅ Revoke Approvals: Steer clear! Scan your wallet token approvals for malicious spenders and revoke access in one tap.

Liquidity Providers

DEXCoinApp does NOT trade tokens, Swap service is provided by the Decentralized Exchanges Protocol.

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