Flashbot Shield

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) in blockchains like Ethereum, allows miners to decide the order of transactions within a block. This feature introduces potential vulnerabilities in the decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions.

An attacker will rearrange transactions to buy a cryptocurrency just before your trade, taking advantage of the price change and making a profit at your expense.

Such vulnerabilities may lead to significant financial setbacks, with potential losses of up to 90% in certain scenarios. Consider a situation where users receive 100 USDT for 1000 USDC due to a lack of Auto Slippage and MEV protection – a real occurrence for numerous victims.

Fear not, as DEXCoinApp Flashbot Shield feature automatically protects your every swap from Front-Running and Sandwich bot attacks.

Auto Slippage keeps the base slippage to 0.1% and includes token fee if any, to completely minimise the loss. Swap transactions are directly broadcasted to the miner rather than to the public mempool, this prevents transactions from being frontrun by frontrunners.

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